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The world is more connected than ever before, but somehow brands are losing touch with their audience. When "skip this ad" is the most appealing part of a campaign, it's clear that something needs to change. The power of a brand lies in its promise to help people achieve what they really want. Whether it's to become smarter, healthier or more attractive.

We all desire something. Desire drives all brand relationships. That's where the new connection between brand and consumer begins, and what PowerBrands understands perfectly. We help brands to find and amplify that desire; with impactful creativity that drives both business and audience.

PowerBrand Publishing: impact of advertising x power of content

There's no reason why you can't be the brand of choice, given the possibilities offered by all the tools and platforms today. But how do you capitalize on these opportunities to show the world what you stand for? The answer lies in the collective power of advertising and publishing. That's why we developed a Brand Publishing model that combines the reach and emotional impact of advertising with the credibility, speed and engagement of content. A strategy that hits the marketing sweet spot for all of today's PowerBrands.

Our DNA:

Independent: Independent in thought and action since 1999. This gives us a unique vision and fresh approach to every brief. 

Leading: Delivering leading creativity based on rock solid strategy. This is what we strive for. Always.

Collaborative: The best work is teamwork. Our clients know their business best. We know how you can use creativity to get the best results out of it.



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